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Velocity Reading Workshop

Sat 19 Jan 09:30 AM - 13:30 PM @ CEDP, 501, NEW ENGLISH HIGH SCHOOL,

Velocity Reading Workshop of Rs 2500 for free

If you are struggling with a lot of reading material or if your reading speed is very slow then I can help you.

With Velocity reading, I can also help you to increase your interest in reading and remove the guilt of not reading books.

Training will also help you to read your emails and WhatsApp messages faster.

Incase you cannot attend our in person workshop, you can also learn it from anywhere and anytime. Please visit for more details about our e course

Why is it important to read?

“Leaders are Readers. In today’s information age, knowledge is not only power, it’s profit. The faster you can learn, the faster you can earn.”

I haven’t said it, the top 2 richest people in the world – Warren Buffet and Bill Gates said.

Today we all are overwhelmed by INFORMATION. Therefore, today it’s not an option of whether to Read more or not. If a person wants to be SUCCESSFUL then he/she has to read a lot.

Therefore, do you aspire to be a successful person?

The Average Reading Speed is between 150 – 250 Words per minute but Human Brain is capable of reading at 1000 Words per minute with proper understanding. That is how fast we can Read.

Let’s give it a try and check how fast you can read -

How will increasing your Reading Speed help you?

1. Saving time (at least 30 minutes daily)

2. Reading more will create better opportunities in your Life:

3. Better communication skills

4. Language development

5. More focus and concentration while reading

What will you learn in Velocity Reading Workshop?

You will learn all the techniques to increase the

1. READING SPEED by 300%

2. Concentration while reading

3. INTEREST in reading

Please note – All our techniques are also applicable on all the E-reading (Emails, E-Books, WhatsApp etc.)

Every two days now, we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003, according to Eric Schmidt (Former CEO of Google).

Question to ponder on is - With this amount of data coming towards us, is our speed of going through that data has increased?

About our Trainer

Rupak Shah is an avid reader who finishes one book in every two days. Although completing his “Aircraft Maintenance Engineer” course, his passion for training and Reading lead him to make a shift in his career.

His Vision is to empower people with Velocity Reading skills sets to take their career to next level. Having Read more than 300 nonfiction books in 2016 itself and trained over more than 5000 participants; he brings this immense knowledge and experience in his training.

He has also done this Workshop in Corporates like Reliance - Commercial Finance, Reliance Global Corporate Security, BNP- Paribas, Cello Writing Group, Anchor by Panasonic and many others.

But why to trust all this, when you can read few of his participant’s feedback and judge for yourself -

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Due to that, they get stuck in the professional growth. That is where we come into the picture, training participants to improve their life skills. The skills will not help them to be successful in there professional but also in personal life.
The best thing about life skill is - they help you to connect your inner self, thus giving you a feeling of satisfaction and inner happiness which many are missing.


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